From the 1st of July 2016, Med Europe offers a certified weighing service at its facility. This operation is done either through a dedicated Straddle Carrier or with a certified weighting bridge.

This service includes both the weighting through SOLAS “method 1” and the VGM information completed in the Cargo Community System AP +, accessible by Shipping Agent.

Med Europe will accept any container with or without VGM at its Gate. Though, no container without VGM will be loaded on any vessel.

The order for this service has to be done through the AP + platform.

Tariffs and conditions apply as below:

Med Europe Terminal

Order through AP + done

Before receival at the Gate

After receival the gate
(Container in the Yard)


€ 50,00 € (without V.A.T)

€ 100,00 € (without V.A.T)


AP+ Completion

Service done < 1 hour after VAQ (notification container received)

Service done < 12 hours after ordered sent through AP+ *


Shipper or its representant who activate the weighing service at the Terminal through AP+


Payment 15 days after invoice sent. General Conditions apply and available at


* Considering this phase, client duly acknowledged that his container takes the risk not to be loaded if its VGM is provided after the cutting indicated by the Shipping line (stowing plan) or the Terminal (working sequences).